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From LP to RP : Session 0

With no idea what to write, but a desire to do so, I have been wracking my brain as to what would combine some of the things I love to form something new and exciting. That is what ended up culminating into this series of blog posts that I hope will be entertaining for anyone who reads it.

The idea stems from an exercise I posted to the forums I'm a moderator for. There is a series on those forums called DM-Nastics, the gym for Dungeon Masters to work out their minds. You can check out the original inspiring post for this blog series here DM-Nastics #31: Cover It All! You can also check out the subsequent podcast that talked about that forum exercise here Cover It All Podcast!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I know this to be true from the posts on the forums, and from my own experience attempting to write based solely off of an image. This series will attempt to continuously prove that statement right. Not only will the album cover be used as inspiration, but the band name, the album name, the lyrics, and anything else I can find about the album will be up for grabs as well.

This creative exercise will be to help keep my mind sharp, and to hopefully engage whoever sees this to do the same. Additionally, one goal will be to have a usable piece of Dungeons & Dragons content at the end of each exercise. This could take literally any form, be it a monster, a magic weapon, a lair, a class (or more likely an archetype). Once again, everything is up for grabs. 

I also hope to set the personal goal of one article every other week! Whether or not I stick to that will be the true test! Hopefully you come with me on this journey to create, and it inspires you to lift the mental weights and exercise your mind!

Shout Out for this post: A huge shout out to Morgan Jenkins from the Going In Blind podcast, a D&D 5th edition actual play with visually impaired players. He went with me deep into the original journey of recording the podcast for DM-Nastics #31.

From LP to RP : Session 01

From LP to RP : Session 01

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