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From LP to RP : Session 09

From LP to RP : Session 09


Hundreds? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? How many lives had this blade taken over the millennia? Only Drazrith, the blade’s true name, could even venture a guess at the answer. Oddly enough, that’s exactly what it was attempting to do. It has been laying dormant in a tomb for decades. Its previous wielded was slain and the blade was transported back to its original resting place. Drazrith was at the side of the embodiment of death for what had felt like an eternity, but that time and those memories were fading as it lay disconnected from another being.

Slowly its power would wane, and its form of a deadly scythe would start to give way to more of an amorphous blob. Then there was a sound. A dull thud, then another, and another. Then there was light! The blade wanted to recoil, but knew that its time to enter the world once again was at hand! The adventurers had no idea what had befallen them, and it wouldn’t be until far too late that they would know the true power and intelligence of the blade known as Drazrith. It would be soon though that the blade of ending would drink again of the life of other creatures.

With those bits of lore out of the way it’s on to the album! For this one I am taking a look at the first full-length album from the technical death metal band Vale of Pnath. This cover death puts death at the forefront of death metal. Rather than focus on the creature that looms before us, I thought that it could be the blade that shines this time around. So I give you Drazrith, the Blade of Ending, a powerful blade that will come with a price!


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From LP to RP : Session 08

From LP to RP : Session 08