Based in central California, Thestruggleisneal is a blog by Neal Powell. His posts explore the journey of being an adult, but a kid at heart, and trying to make that work ... sometimes ... rarely?

Inaugural Blogural

I sit here writing this first post for my first blog with literally no clue what my goal is with it, but who cares it's blog time! Establishing facts and contextual stuff: I often leverage the internet handle of Joatmoniac to best describe myself. As some may know JoATMoN is actually the acronym for Jack of All Trades, Master of None. Using that as a base I decided to add on the -iac to better illustrate my tendency to learn and know all there is about whatever subject is before me. If it is nerdy or interesting within the past 30 years I will likely have a cursory knowledge of it, or have more knowledge than is, or ever will be, necessary.

Now that isn't really much context, but more than enough to go off of. Or at least all you're going to get for now. Have to create some suspense and mystery with this thing, or how will I get people to keep coming back here?

The blurb for the blog says it like it is. I have to be an adult day in and day out, but have the heart of a child and want nothing more than to do fun things will cool people. Maybe I want to do cool things with fun people too? The questions are never ending! I have done a decent job at getting a decent job, but still ask myself "what do I want to be when I grow up?" It is with that question that I realize a flaw in the asking.

I don't want to grow up, but no matter what I will grow old. So, what that really means is that I have to ask myself "What's next?"


Shout-out for this post: I figure this is where I will talk about some of those cool/fun people and cool/fun things. This one goes to my friend Tim O'Connell who I feel was the real motivator for me to actually make this blog. Check out his awesome Etsy story HERE.

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